2022, The First Half

It's been a difficult six months around here. Let's focus on the positive right now. 

Daniel started sharing his monthly playlist. I think the playlists are absolutely great, and I love that he's sharing them with the world. 

I (Ammi) have nearly finished a blog series on my health and my health recommendation. It's something some of my providers have been encouraging me to share for a while. I hope others with health challenges can find something worthwhile in that. 

Daniel's team at Autodesk released new data sharing capabilities that Daniel worked heavily on. Daniel changed teams after this successful launch. He's enjoying his new team and the work.

After launching the app last year, Ammi's company, DirectOffer has a feature that people are loving. AudioTours offers a unique experience never before available in the Real Estate market, making real estate shopping more accessible to everyone. 

Around the house we've installed office shelves (after waiting a year for them to be in stock). Chased coyotes off the property, unsuccessfully. We've installed a beautiful cedar storage shed for backyard storage. We've also got a full garden going wild.

We've continued working on our upcoming move to Spain. The goal is the end of this year, but the reality is whenever we can get all the ducks needed in a row. We have to have the house packed and shipped, the dogs EU Pet Passports, and our Visas. It's a lot to juggle. I hope I can make it all work on the schedule we'd like. 

We have completed over 30 Spanish lessons with our Spanish teachers and are much more competent than we were at the first of the year. We aren't going to be fluent anytime soon, but I'm confident at this point we'll be able to function in Spain. We still have months left to practice. 

The most life altering event from the last six months is losing Pop. I don't think either of us were truly prepared. How many times a day do we each think about sharing something with Pop, or checking in with him… it's a surprising amount. Our lives are forever changed without him in them. 

What do the next six months hold? We hope an international move. 

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