2022, The First Half

It’s been a difficult six months around here. Let’s focus on the positive right now.  Daniel started sharing his monthly playlist. I think the playlists are absolutely great, and I love that he’s sharing them with the world.  I (Ammi) have nearly finished a blog series on my health and my health recommendation. It’s something …

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Welcoming Cirrus McFluffington to the Family

Cirrus McFluffington was born December 7, 2020 here in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Cirrus joined our pack February 7, 2021. His name was a challenge, we wanted something that referenced Magnus, something short, and something that would be fine to holler. We went through Scandinavian names (Brodric, Bjarke, Pádraig being rejected). We went through …

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It’s been hot

I just found this old post in drafts, with all the images, and no text. I’m unsure what I had planned to say in July of 2019 on this post, but it’s gone now. I figured to reason to not share the images.

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