I'm "lucky" enough to have two of the catch all gastrointestinal diagnoses. Over the years I've been diagnosed and successfully treated several other gastrointestinal issues, but these are the ones I'm left with. 

My first piece of advice is to seek medical attention. My life is so much better after having everything possible treated - and finding the best comfort treatments for my issues. I'm not going to share my medication regime because it's not recommended long term except in outlying cases like mine. You need to evaluate the risk with your medical team before starting any medication regime. I will say I only take 3 medications a day and a supplement. One of the medications is allergy. 

Try an elimination diet with the help of a doctor or dietitian. The elimination of soy from my diet changed my life and my health for the better. It changed very quickly. You could be having food sensitivities causing a large portion of your issues.

Therapy. Seriously, both of these diagnosis raise the likelihood of suicide in people with them. Therapy has also greatly helped my stress levels and that's helped my stomach because stress is one of my triggers.

Now let's get down to the practicality of having Cyclic Vomiting or IBS. 

Stop puking in toilets. If you only got sick occasionally that would be one thing, but you don't want to spend the amount of time that gets this diagnosis with the porcelain bowl. Plus if you have two ends diagnosed, that's not going to work practically. 

When you're home, I recommend the hospital bedside wash basins. They are cheap, square and ready to clean. While looking for a link to share the wash basins I found the Puke Bucket, and I must say I'm excited. 

When you're traveling you need something you can tie off and throw away. Do not trust the waxed lined white bags. They are a lie, they are a spit bag at best. You want the blue plastic bags with the ring top. You can twist it off, if the airport loses your luggage and you only have one - it will last for hours. They are huge and let me tell you it matters. 

Take care of your teeth. If you have chronic vomiting and/or high acid issues your teeth are more at risk. Get dental care from someone who understands the damage these issues can cause on your teeth. I no longer have my teeth polished, only cleaned and fluoride treated. I see the dentist three times a year instead of twice. 

I use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash for my regular care, the goal is to get all the flourish protection possible. 

After puking care is especially important and when my dentist and I discussed it I was surprised at the outcome. Do not brush after puking. The acid in your mouth plus the abrasion of the toothbrush will not go great for your enamel. Instead rinse often as possible during and after the episode with fluoride mouthwash. Rinse several times after the episode ends and wait at least half an hour before brushing.

I don't have as many IBS recommendations, because my IBS, unlike Cyclic Vomiting, is a mild case. My biggest advice, buy a bidet. Get a good one. If you have hot/cold water near your toilet, get the hot/cold bidet version. Get a heated seat. Get one with different levels of pressure. Get the best bidet you can afford. Your ass will thank you. 

I hope these recommendations help you or help you understand someone with these types of diagnosis.

Since the writing of this post I've received and used the above mentioned Puke Buckets. Let me say, they are absolutely life changing. They are better to puke in for several reasons, the top being no splashback and the second being freaking handles. I did not know handles on a puke bucket would be like pockets in a dress, but they are. From Daniel's clean up point of view they are much easier to clean and the handles also helped cleanup. This is a must have product in my opinion every household needs one, I have two.

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