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New Years Resolution

This year instead of regular new years resolutions, Daniel and I discussed starting a new daily habit every 30 days.  Basically the plan is to start a new habit or activity every month all year. This will hopefully help us build new habits and live healthier, more present lives. I decided to get a head

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My first exposure to music was my Dad’s records, he had a good collection, that I now have, and he had a really nice stereo system (that I am slowly getting and repairing as he finds it in storage). I loved listening to Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. Music has always come with

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Nashville Grows

The top photo is from summer of 2013 when we bought the condo (it was stormy) the bottom photo is from today. Even watching Nashville grow every day has been surreal. You can still see the top of the Pinnacle building, the Encore now looks tiny, at the right angle I can still see the

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CMA 2017

I wouldn’t normally write up an adventure for a weekend we spent basically at home, but this weekend was full of too many great stories not to share. Thursday we took a walk and cursed ourselves; we made the mistake of musing to ourselves after our walk that this was the most polite CMA group

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