CMA 2017

I wouldn’t normally write up an adventure for a weekend we spent basically at home, but this weekend was full of too many great stories not to share. Thursday we took a walk and cursed ourselves; we made the mistake of musing to ourselves after our walk that this was the most polite CMA group …

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Garden Update

A few pictures of my garden today. I added 6 new plants (5 herbs and vanilla grass). Everything is growing better than I honestly expected. I’ve never had a green thumb, none of these have come naturally or easily, and I’m fucking proud. Just look at all those peppers!! I cannot eat that many peppers! …

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Bekah gets Hitched

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in Daniel’s niece Bekah’s wedding. It was adorable, all the songs are from UP, and everything was just wonderful & lovely.


Starting in 2016 I was working from home a majority of the time so I started a container garden on our balcony. We have great luck with herbs, red robin tomatoes, peppers, we’re still waiting on the sugar baby melon, but I think we might have missed something with it (there is always next year).

California 2017

We are lucky enough to be required to travel for our work. This year it’s taken us to California twice so far, once in February and once in April. SF to LA In February we started with a week of business in San Francisco and on Friday we boarded the Coastal Starlight Amtrak Train for …

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First Anniversary

For our first anniversary we wanted to get away for a quiet week again. The beach house we rented for our honeymoon was already booked so we found another one a little ways further down the island. This beach house was just as perfect, it was even closer to the water! The house was so …

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The Honeymoon

We were so busy planning the wedding in less than five months that we didn’t have the energy or focus to plan a intense honeymoon, but we still really wanted to get away after the wedding. We decided to get a beach house at our regular roadtrip beach. We love Dauphin Island because Magnus is …

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Our Wedding | His

It was pretty busy. I was glad to go to bed. … But seriously, my memory of the day is oddly incongruent, like a patchwork quilt of lovely memories sewn together with stress and what I’m sure is pure imagination. I don’t recall how the morning started, but I’m pretty sure it involved putting clean …

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