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Colorado Spring 2018

Daniel and I are very excited to be going to Colorado for my 37th birthday in just a few days. Planning an adventure with our health issues is a little bit of a challenge, but we’re making it happen because we both want to live bigger. On this trip we’ll be flying into Denver, spending […]

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First Sprouts and more

Nighttime walks Nighttime walks Fort Nashborough’s renovations are stunning… Fort Nashborough Tied for second sprouts! Basil! Tied for second sprouts! Thyme First Sprouts! Chamomile! What a week! This past week the weather has been wonderful and we’ve been out walking as much as possible. I’m sharing several nighttime pictures from our late walk at the

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Nashville Snow

Nashville got snow this January, and I think a few days Chicago was warmer than here. Daniel & Magnus took an adventurous 5 mile walk in the snow, and we got some beautiful snow shots from our balcony also. I hate the cold, but I do appreciate the beauty of winter.

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