As we mentioned in our last update, I (Ammi) was approved for residency August 4th. We went to MUP August 17 for my fingerprints and the last of my paperwork. I had my permit in-hand August 24th. Daniel was approved August 24th. We hope to have his paperwork at MUP done by the end of the month, his permit should be in-hand about a week after that.

After our August 17th MUP visit we were starving and walked to the first restaurant we could find with a patio for lunch. We would have preferred something more local, but it was delicious.

Daniel has taken a few bike rides since our last update. Now that we have our permits, we will be bike shopping so we don’t have to rely on rental bikes being available for our rides. He’s missed a few ride opportunities because all the bikes being gone or the payment system being down. It will be nice to have our own bikes and a form of transportation that’s not Uber.

We’ve kept up our daily dog park visits. Magnus & Cirrus have made so many furry friends. Magnus and the older pups have all gotten to trust each other, and will sit back to back so no one gets tumbled over by any of the younger pups. Cirrus greets everyone who comes into the park and initiates play. He’s a really good playmate because he doesn’t insist on being dominant - I’m not sure he even knows what that is. We have also made some human friends. They speak English and help us with our limited Croatian.

In Hrvatski (Croatian) this month we’ve learned:

  • Vruće == hot
  • Kako si == how are you

We’ve made salsa twice since our last update. We roast it in the peka then immersion blend it. It is exactly the snack we’ve been craving. We’ve been heading up the hill (about half a mile and 20 stories) to a vegetable vendor who has the best fresh vegetables. We get roma tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, and fresh eggs – all that taste homegrown.

I was going to purchase an illustration from Etsy of us in Star Trek Lower Decks style. Daniel said he could do it. The first day he took to work on it he finished both of our faces with borrowed bodies. Later that same week I finished our bodies – which are so much easier than faces. The next time he has time to work on it he will add the pups' faces, and I will finish their ensign bodies soon after. The current version is the header for most of the website, so you can also see it there.

It inspired me to try my own and I wanted to make a Stardew Valley version. I can’t draw faces, so I found a character creator for our faces, thanks to JazzyBee for that resource. I copied some images of the Stardew Valley dogs and colored them like our boys, and found backgrounds online that worked perfectly. It’s not as impressive as Daniel’s, but I’m happy with how it came out. Stardew Valley is my favorite game.

We’ve mostly been layed back in the end of the summer heat. I’ve been playing through Stardew Valley again. Daniel finished Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening on Switch, and has started The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt again. We’ve caught up on Star Trek Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks, and are rewatching some old favorites before bed (like PeeWee’s Big Adventure).

Daniel has taken some time off for his birthday at the start of September and we’re thinking about renting a car and doing some exploring around the area. Hopefully the week he is off will be cooler than it’s been here lately. We’re thinking of the dog beach, Klis, and maybe some parks that are further out than we’ve been.

We are still trying to keep up with people back home with video calls. If you’re reading this and have a free morning Saturday or Sunday coming up, let us know so we can plan a call. We would probably love to hear from you.

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