I've been meaning to write up a post and share photos from the last of our birthday exploration and the rest of our month for weeks. Our first weeks back to work were crazy busy and we've been working on a big decision, so finding the time just didn't happen. 

What big decision you might be wondering? We decided after having a rental car for Daniel's birthday week that we wanted a car all the time. There is just so much of this beautiful country to explore that not having a car feels wasteful of our time here. So we spent weeks car shopping and researching how to buy a car here. We asked our neighbors for mechanic recommendations so we could have the 10 year old cars we were looking at checked and one neighbor found an amazing solution. Our neighbor, Mirjana, called her former neighbor who is a local mechanic and turns out he works for a shop that does reasonably-priced long-term car rentals. We went and met them and looked at a few cars. We've now rented an adorable 2017 VW UP! for the remainder of our time in Croatia. It's a small two door car that's easy to park in a city like Split. We signed the paper work and got the car on Thursday and we're going to take our first adventures in it this weekend. 

Now onto the part of our birthday week exploring that we didn't share in the last post. We went to a mill outside the town of Omiš on the River Centina, called Radmanove Mlinice. The mills were built in the 18th century and were an important part of the local economy. They ground grain and local flour. Now they're restored into a beautiful restaurant on the river. The river is lined with many walking trails and is absolutely beautiful and surrounded by mountains with sheer bluffs. Daniel thinks it looks like it's straight out of a video game. Now that we have a car we can't wait to go back, have more of the restaurant's amazing food and explore more hiking trails. 

As I mentioned earlier we've been busy since our week off work, but we've enjoyed our time at the dog park with our two and four legged friends and walks around our neighborhood. We've pulled out the projector and been enjoying TV on our bedroom ceiling, it's a nice way to relax. We've also gotten our point-and-shoot PaperShoot camera and our DJI Action cameras out and been playing with them. We've made peka roasted vegetables a few times. Daniel had a few bike rides and got his residency card. It's been a productive few weeks.

In our next post, we'll share our first adventures with our car. This weekend we have plans for the dog beach and local parks that have been difficult to get the McFluffington Pups to. 

Click on images for a larger view.
Sorry they are out of order, there was a problem during upload and we want to get to todays adventure.

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