Safely traveling during Covid

How did we travel for 38 days and not get COVID, Norovirus, RSV, or any of the other things floating around currently?

We are perhaps overly cautious, but that works for us and our high anxiety personalities. 

We scheduled our last COVID booster vaccine so that our peak protection would be while we were traveling. So we took it about 3 months before we left. 

We wore our Enro mask any time we were out of our hotel rooms. The Enro mask are some amazing N-95 reusable mask we found a few months before we left. We were so happy to find them, because of their great fit and high level of protection we didn’t feel the need to use our space mask like we thought we would. We also wore our masks and asked any friends we visited to wear their masks also.

We bought two LG portable air filters that we kept running in our rooms 24/7. They test the air quality and filter only when necessary. They work amazingly well and we're still using them in our Split apartment.

We did not eat out in any public settings. We ordered in or picked up to eat in our room. We made sure to have suites whenever possible so that this didn’t feel like a negative experience. 

We still had a great trip, but we were as safe as possible throughout the whole thing. Maybe it’s not how everyone would do it but it worked well for us. 


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