C & E Playlist | September 2022

Alright, friends, it's that time again. Let's see what the playlist holds this month.

As I mentioned last time, my current new music obsession is Nothing But Thieves. As a matter of fact, we start with their absolute banger, "Is Everybody Going Crazy?" Apt.

If you don't know the 1966 song "You're Dead" by Norma Tanega, take a few minutes to check it out. It's such a timeless, powerful song that it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. We discovered it as it played over the credits for What We Do In Shadows.

The founder and creative force behind A Perfect Circle, Billy Howerdel, has released an album as himself. It's okay. It's fun to see how much APC really was Billy with Maynard adding "pop". Reminds me of Alice In Chains (Layne was amazing but Jerry Cantrell was clearly the driving creative songwriting force.)

Our friend Ryan reminded us that Childish Gambino exists. Of course he has some stellar, magical mood music so we have some jams from "Camp". Oh god, that album is how old?? I guess it's "era" music now.

I saved my favorite new discoveries this month for last. First, the album Artificial Intelligence by YouTube sensation Tom Cardy. Check out "Why am I anxious" or "HYCYBH" ("Have you checked your butthole?" I know, just trust me. Hilarious.) Second is country music artist Maren Morris. Her music isn't our normal style, but she called Jason Aldean's wife "a scumbag human" and "insurrection Barbie" so I had to give her a shot. "Humble Quest" is a beautiful return to a simpler era for country music. It's actual country instead of truck-bro-country or hick hop. I hope we see more of Maren and more artists like her.

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