Moving Overseas | The Decision

In January 2019 we went to London and Hyderabad India and we had an adventure. Travel was difficult, but the experiences and the different perspectives we were exposed to were wonderful. We started to play with the idea of retirement in the European Union. 

After a few months of research we decided Spain would be the most logical choice for our retirement. The cost of living, weather, local attitudes, and location seemed perfect for us. We started learning Spanish on Duolingo in July 2019 in preparation. 

2019 was not a great year for our family. Daniel’s Dad, Jim, health started to go downhill. We had a health scare closer to home. A few people showed themselves for who they are and they are no longer in our lives as a result. At the end of 2019 Daniel spent as much time in hospitals in Kentucky caring for Jim as he did at home. 

In 2020, everyone's world changed with the world-wide pandemic. Daniel started working full time from home - and enjoying working from home. At the end of 2020 he changed jobs to a permanently remote position and his Dad, Jim, moved into our new home’s basement. 

During 2021 we were researching Spain to daydream about our retirement, we hoped an early retirement would be in the cards for us. We researched regions and cities and could not make up our minds where we might live for early retirement, but we planned several vacations for after the pandemic to test out parts of Spain.

At the end of the summer 2021 we were reading about Spain’s high speed rail, and decided we wanted to be close to a connection to that for easier travel around Europe. This led us to the city of Valencia and we fell in love. Jim’s health had also greatly improved and he was making arrangements to move home to live independently. 

We were suddenly looking at being in a big empty house by ourselves. In a market that is rising in value month over month. This, along with a string of past luck, afforded us a special opportunity. We both work from home, so where home is, doesn't matter that much. 

We talked with Jim and let him know that if he decided he wanted to live independently that we thought he was perfectly capable of it again and that we were looking at moving to Spain about a year after he moved home. He agreed it sounded exciting and we all were looking towards the future. 

In the Fall of 2021 Jim moved home to live independently successfully. We’re so proud of the progress his health made and of how well he’s doing at home. 

At the beginning of 2022 we started Spanish classes on with native Spanish speakers from Valencia. Our hope is to be better acquainted with the accents of the area we hope to call home. We have classes twice a week, and we will be posting about those in detail soon. 

Our hope is to get a Visa for a year, and then use the sale of our Nashville homes to buy in Spain for a more permanent Visa option. We hope to move at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. We have contacted pet moving services (they need their own passports), rental services, international moving services, and immigration attorneys in Spain. 

We’ll be sharing each step with you here as it happens.

A few things we’ve learned

  • Visas: Spain has a non-lucrative visa available now. A tech nomad visa coming later this year (2022). And a Golden visa for those who make investments in Spain.
  • Moving Pets to the EU: The McFluffington boys will need health checks by a USDA-endorsed vet, and have their microchips registered and a few other things to get their EU passports. I wish I could find international flights that would let me buy the boys a seat since Magnus is too tall for under the seat travel.
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