Over a Year Later…

I look back at my last regular post and cannot believe it's been a whole year. The world has changed so drastically. 

Let's start with the big announcements.

We've moved! The first week of September Daniel and I closed on our new home. We found a beautiful home in the Crieve Hall area on a nearly ¾ acre lot. We have a yard full of wildlife that we're obsessed with. Magnus is a very happy suburb pup. 

Daniel left Eventbrite the first week of October and has started at Autodesk. He enjoyed working from home so much he decided to do it full time and found a new long-term remote position. Before he left Eventbrite he finished some key projects, moving all the users over to the event create product that he had spent the last several years building. As he left every event was made through the work he and his team completed.

It was time for me to leave the C-level roles at the companies I've been involved in the last few years. I've moved onto the board of advisors for both companies and am letting talented people take the reins. This has been a decision on the making for several years, I enjoy the day-to-day workings of a startup, not necessarily the day-to-day of a corporation. I'm still involved in several projects for the companies, so I'm still keeping busy.

Daniel’s Dad, Jim, moved into an efficiency apartment in our basement in October. He had been recovering from a long illness at Hicks Golden Years in Monticello, Kentucky, but with the pandemic and his miraculous recovery that was no longer necessary or beneficial.


Magnus' big change (beside becoming a pup with a yard) is wearing a collar all the time. In the condo we only put a harness on him for walks. In a house he needed to wear ID all the time, so we found him a beautiful leather collar and he seems to love it.

When you look at where we are now it looks like it's been pretty peachy since my last update. It has not been. Online we like to share the best and the shiniest, I think being vulnerable is the strongest most beautiful thing a person can do. 

This past year has been so many levels of bad that the pandemic isolation has been a relief in our home. 

In the summer of 2019 our household had a cancer scare. We were lucky that it was just a scare and after quick testing everything was given an all clear. 

While still healing from the medical scare one of us was sexually harassed at work and management handled it incredibly poorly. Putting unneeded strain on the victim of sexual harassment after reporting is bad form.

When we thought things were calming down last fall, Daniel's dad got very ill. Daniel spent 4-5 days a week with his dad in the hospital for most of the end of 2019 and some after the start of 2020. Daniel's dad recovered at Hicks Golden Years care home until he moved into an effiency apartment in our basement in October of 2020. 

Daniel and I have discovered in the past few years that having fewer quality, honest, moral, loving people in your life is better than so many other situations we and our loved ones have found ourselves in at times. 

The past 18 months have been some of our hardest, but they have been worth it for the peace we've learned to find through it. 

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