Spring Sprung

We’ve had a wonderful busy spring. Everyone has been getting vaccinated. Cirrus has one more booster round and then the entire house will be vaccinated and we’re celebrating. We’ve been training up Cirrus and getting the house ready for spring. It’s a lot of mowing. We had a beautiful raised garden installed, it’s so easy

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Welcoming Cirrus McFluffington to the Family

Cirrus McFluffington was born December 7, 2020 here in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Cirrus joined our pack February 7, 2021. His name was a challenge, we wanted something that referenced Magnus, something short, and something that would be fine to holler. We went through Scandinavian names (Brodric, Bjarke, Pádraig being rejected). We went through

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Happy Birthday Daniel

Today (and all this week) I’m celebrating my favorite person’s 37th year on this planet. It’s not been our easiest year, but it’s shown me that together we can weather anything. We faced such a variety of stresses and hardships and we’re coming out the other side stronger and happier in our relationship. Despite the

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