Uffizi Gallery

I knew that Italy, especially Florence, would give us opportunities to experience amazing art. My degree is in Fine Art, so I have seen a lot of beautiful Italian works in textbooks. Getting to see some of these works in person was astounding. It’s been several years since I’ve refreshed my knowledge – I was …

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How to make handmade Tuscan Ceramic: a course with a master potter in Montelupo

Y’all. Daniel here. The pottery experience was extremely special. Our guide Matteo was kind, gracious, welcoming, and extremely passionate about their family business. He patiently explained each workstation in their factory, fielded questions big-and-small, and exuded contagious excitement. Younger me would not have believed getting to see this place was possible. The factory has been …

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Day Two in Denver

We’ve been having an absolutely amazing trip so far. After all the walking we did yesterday, today Daniel and I got a late start. We slept in then got ready at a snails pace. We packed KT tape for skiing and hiking but didn’t use any yesterday. Today we were sore from yesterday so we …

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The Honey Pot

First I would like to thank MaddieSharafian on Tumblr for this perfect cartoon. I have for years been using the spoon theory to explain how my energy and pain levels effect me on a day-to-day basis. This cartoon does it more clearly & quickly than I could ever get the spoon theory across to anyone. I absolutely …

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