Tree Planter

Tree Planter

    • 2017, ammi, ceramics

I made a decision to made the largest piece I had attempted to that point. I started with a round base, and added 2″ strips of clay, pulling each planting spout on the layer as it was being attached below, you can see the layers of clay from the interior pictures above by the joining stitches. Each 2″ layer was rolled thinner than the last so that the base would have strength to hold what was above it. When the piece was bone dry I went in on the outside and chipped away layers of dry clay until I got a consistent bark texture all along the outside of the planter. I glazed with amber, then wiped some away and followed with a clear glaze. I did not glaze the bottom or the insides of the pot in hopes it would help the dirt wick moisture if necessary.

It’s light and dainty, despite being the tallest thing I’ve made. I hand carved the outside to have a natural wood inspired pattern, and to get the thickness down as much as possible.

This piece was gifted to the best gardener I know, my mom for Christmas 2017, I cannot wait to see what she puts in it.

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