“Stewart’s Orange & Cream Soda” Acrylic on masonite

    • acrylic, acrylic on board, art, bottle, Daniel, orange, WKU

I’m not huge into painting, never really have been.  Painting is intrinsically about color (and lots of other stuff, but for me, it’s color), and I prefer to focus on other things like line, composition, and movement.  I took one painting (maybe two?  Nah, I think I just had to paint some things for other classes) and wasn’t really happy with most of the work I produced.  This still life of a Stewart’s Orange & Cream Soda is a rare exception.

Those odd looking orange-ish grapes were supposed to be pennies but they ended up too spherical.  Even so, I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the glass.  I liked this piece enough that it now hangs in our kitchen, tempting me to drink a cool soda any time I see it.

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