Star Trek Lower Decks Digital Illustration

    • 2023, collaboration, digital art, illustration

Daniel and I are currently loving Star Trek Lower Decks (and Strange New Worlds). I decided I wanted a family portrait in the style of Lower Decks. I looked on Etsty and found a few I liked. Daniel said, I can do that. I obviously went with that option.

He took a Saturday and created his and my face, making it look fun and easy. I decided to try doing the uniforms later that week so we could have it done and share it. I did that in about a day and it was fun, not easy but doable. About a week later Daniel hadn't had time to sit down and finish the pups faces, so I gave it a try. With lots of asking his opinion and for direction, I did both the pups in a day. Now we have this great illustration for our website header and I absolutely love it.

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