Charcoal Sphere (and face)

    • art, charcoal, Daniel, drawing, paper, WKU

I took a lot of drawing classes in college.  I don’t remember the exact year this is from, but I do know it exists because I learned about the different parts of shadows in another class and wanted to exercise what I’d learned.  Highlight, mid-light, deep-shadow, reflected light, cast shadow?  Something like that.  I was (and still am) proud that I could make such a convincing sphere.  Every once in a while I doodle one somewhere just to prove I can still do it.

The other elements were just supporting characters for the sphere and its shadows.  I had gotten pretty good at lips and I guess I just wanted to feel good about this piece overall.  But the lips threw off the balance and purpose of the piece, so I had to bring in some other element.  Had to mess up the eyes after all that other stuff went so well (facepalm).

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