Charcoal #3

    • art, charcoal, Daniel, mixed media, paper, WKU

I remember this piece primarily for the process difference.  I had been doing a lot of charcoal work at school and it was time to shake things up (a little bit).  For this piece, I added extra paper elements to give the work a low relief.  There are a variety of little scraps of paper attached: brown paper attached to hang out of the frame, paper towel stuck down in ripples to give it a skin-like texture, and carefully cut circles built up for depth, emphasis and shadow.

Emotionally, I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking.  I know this was at the beginning of a dark phase in my life and there is certainly a sense of missing personality;  one figure has no head while the other has their back turned.   I dig the layering cross-cuts I did in the background, and I recall being very pleased with the rich smoothness of the left figures skin tone (still am).

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