A Break in the UK

We needed some down time after we disembarked from the Queen Mary 2. So we got a hotel minutes from the port to spend a few nights in. We started in Room2 in Southampton and it was an adorable hotel with a hipster vibe. We had an amazing suite in my favorite color. The pups …

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Split, Here We Come

Our plans for 2023 seem to be finally coming together, and we are excited and relieved. Getting into Spain on the original Visa we had planned was going to be impossible. So we had to decide whether to wait, or make alternate plans. Seeing more of Europe is what we decided. We researched spending a …

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Digital Nomads 2023

Well we’re still planning and things change almost daily. We do think we have a plan – but we have a few more Zoom meetings to make sure it will work before the decision is final.  Why are our plans changing? Croatia is joining Schengen on January 1, 2023. So our plans of bouncing between …

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Closing a Chapter

Closing a chapter in your life is always painful and for me memories around closing of chapters always stay vivid in my mind. They are at least as vivid as the memories of the new chapters. But that’s only true when you know the chapter is closing.  Graduations, Divorces, Moves, etc. Not including marriage, I …

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