Nashville Snow

Nashville got snow this January, and I think a few days Chicago was warmer than here. Daniel & Magnus took an adventurous 5 mile walk in the snow, and we got some beautiful snow shots from our balcony also. I hate the cold, but I do appreciate the beauty of winter.

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New Years Resolution

This year instead of regular new years resolutions, Daniel and I discussed starting a new daily habit every 30 days.  Basically the plan is to start a new habit or activity every month all year. This will hopefully help us build new habits and live healthier, more present lives. I decided to get a head

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My first exposure to music was my Dad’s records, he had a good collection, that I now have, and he had a really nice stereo system (that I am slowly getting and repairing as he finds it in storage). I loved listening to Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. Music has always come with

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The Honey Pot

First I would like to thank MaddieSharafian on Tumblr for this perfect cartoon. I have for years been using the spoon theory to explain how my energy and pain levels effect me on a day-to-day basis. This cartoon does it more clearly & quickly than I could ever get the spoon theory across to anyone. I absolutely

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