Valentines Dubrovnik Weekend Getaway

We had US Presidents day off work and Daniel had the wonderful idea to have a weekend getaway in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is about three-four hours down the coast from Split, and we had been wanting to make the trip for a while. 

Despite seeing photos and seeing Dubrovnik as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones, we were unprepared for the magic of Dubrovnik. Nestled between mountain peaks and surrounded by the bluest water this historic old city makes you feel as if you're in a fantasy novel. 

The drive itself was amazing, with new beautiful vistas around every corner. We saw a massive agricultural valley (which we stopped and got some amazing produce from). And so many lovely villages sprinkled along the coast. 

In Dubrovnik Daniel had chosen an amazing hotel, the Hilton Imperial Downtown. I think we had the loveliest room in the hotel, it was on the South East corner closest to the walls of Dubrovnik, on the very top floor, and the balcony was as big as the room. I felt very spoiled in such a nice room. 

Sunday we walked the city walls and enjoyed some magical views. It was $15 for tickets for the wall, and it took us a few hours to walk with the pups. There were a lot of stairs and a lot of walking. That evening we ate at Taj Mahal, a Michelin Star Traditional Bosnian restaurant. It was so delicious I insisted on having lunch there again on Monday before driving back. 

Monday we checked out, spent some time exploring (and shopping) and had lunch. Daniel bought me some beautiful traditional Dubrovnik jewelry and I can't wait to wear it on our next adventure. 

Views of Dubrovnik

and a jiggly sweet

Dubrovnik photos
Drive to and from Dubrovnik from Split

The Coast of Croatia

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