January Wrap Up

The rain slowed down and it got warmer for the end of our second January in Split. We spent it walking as much as possible. We took some long night walks at the beach, we visited a beautiful park in the middle of Solin, and we went to one of Cirrus’ favorite places, Žrnovnica River. 

 In Solin we went to the Šetalište don Tugomira Jovanovića, Promenade of Don Tugomira Jovanovića. It’s one of the most beautiful city parks I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting. There is a historic mill, several waterfalls, and stunning walking paths. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the weather was amazing for the end of January.

You’ve heard about Žrnovnica here & here. It’s one of Cirrus’ all time favorite places. He loves splashing in the water. Magnus likes walking in the woods and the car ride there, but isn’t a fan of the water - or Cirrus splashing him. I think everyone enjoys the change of scenery with a short 10 minute drive and no tourists. 

The beach is a favorite of ours this time of year. It’s empty besides locals and the dogs are welcome everywhere. In summer it is stocked full of tourists and the dogs are not welcome except on a small dog beach that is more than a walk away.

We had a nice video visit with Jason & Meagan back home. It’s always great to be able to visit with friends no matter where in the world we are. I replaced my walking shoes, and I think they are cute. They are definitely comfortable. 

Our Christmas package is still sitting in US customs, who knows when it will arrive. At least I know I couldn’t have sent it any earlier for better results, it would be late no matter when I sent it. 

Besides our walks and shopping trips, the end of January has been work, work, and more work. We are both on big projects at our respective jobs and it’s a lot to do. We got some more things planned for our return to the US this summer, but there is still so much left to get in place. We’re excited for our second transatlantic crossing and are so thankful we got spots on the Queen Mary again – our boys don’t fly under planes.

Solin, Beach Žnjan, and River Žrnovnica Videos

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