January So Far

We started New Years Day the same way we do every year, with Hoppin John and cabbage. Then we took a beautiful walk to the beach and Cirrus played in the water. It was a lovely first day of the new year. We had the 2nd off also, and we spent it catching up on grocery shopping and getting what we needed together in the house. We had a lunch date at our favorite burger joint in Split before heading home and enjoying ourselves for the last evening of vacation. 

Magnus and Cirrus both got a late Christmas gift when we found rechargeable light up collars. They made Magnus much more comfortable walking in the dark. They also make it easy to see them from any distance. 

We had another busy week at work, getting the year started. On the first Saturday of the new year we took a walk along the beach before the rain started. That evening we had a video call with Jason and Meagan. 

The second week of the new year it turned cold and we all (except Cirrus) dislike the cold, so walks were a struggle. 

Daniel and I had a shopping trip to the mall. Daniel got much needed new shoes (he's walked the soles off 2 pairs since being here). I got warm socks. The pups got food & new toys (I'm a sucker and they were on sale). And we bought groceries. Malls in the US should have grocery stores. You want to compete with Walmart and Target, that's how to do it. It's so convenient. 

The second Sunday of the month we enjoyed a virtual visit with the Mullinex family in Tennessee. It's good to have regular visits with friends and family back home.

We sent a Christmas package home. We're still watching it sit in customs in NYC. I hope it eventually arrives. My (Ammi's) mom's birthday is this month and instead of sending something from here and hoping it arrives, we used Hallmark and mailed a card from inside the US. The bowls we made in Italy have arrived here. We are so looking forward to eating out of things we made again.

Other than our daily walks (2-5 miles a day) we have both been busy with work and planning our return to the US this summer. 

We've very much enjoyed our time here, but our Croatian residency runs out this summer and we're ready to spend some time in the US before we decide on our next adventure. We'll be in Kentucky & Tennessee for a month and then we'll spend some time in New England discovering our country's own history. 


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