December Wrap Up

Time moves funny these days. I still can’t believe it’s December, and December is over already. Last year December was a whirlwind of travel. We drove from Nashville to New York, then took our first Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southampton, UK. We then traveled across Europe to settle in the beautiful Split, Croatia. We’ve almost called this city home for a full year. That just feels crazy. 

December this year was very different. Wrapping up the working year end, we both had huge projects at work that we did not expect to have. The weeks leading up to our week off between Christmas and New Years was an absolute blur of work. We both finished up the year in good places to start 2024 at work, which for both of us was a little unexpected because of the nature and size of each of our projects. I’m very proud of how much we accomplished before our downtime. 

We had planned to do some exploring during our time off, but we were exhausted so we stayed close to home. The Christmas village in the park also made traffic and parking a nightmare, so we didn’t take any long drives in fear of losing our parking. 

Christmas to New Years seems to be celebrated here like the 4th of July at home. There are so many fireworks, a lot of them just with the loud bangs and no light show. Magnus decided this was too much and has become afraid of fireworks for the first time in his 11 years. Walking around the neighborhood was difficult because he was afraid of the next loud noise and didn’t want to go. With a sibling with as much energy as Cirrus, this wasn’t always an option. We carried Magnus in his backpack on several walks, and that helped him feel somewhat safer. 

For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we had a video chat with the Embry’s in Kentucky, and Daniel made the best turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. We watched Christmas movies and enjoyed ourselves at home. On a nightwalk on the 26th I stumbled with Magnus in the backpack and though I didn’t fall, I did pull several muscles and spent most of the rest of our time off with my back messed up. This severely limited our plans of walking around for our time off. Daniel did take several bike rides, and we made it on a few long walks, and to the beach a time or two, but nowhere near what we had planned. 

On New Year's Eve Daniel made Hoppin John and Cabbage for New Years Day. We took a nice day walk and then spent the rest of the day resting and enjoying each other's company. Now we’re on to 2024 and whatever it brings.


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