Seven years ago Daniel and I became husband and wife.

Nearly 14 years ago we became a couple.

Around 17 years ago we met and became fast friends, and then best friends.

Having Daniel in my life for over 40% and my life partner for ⅓ of it has made my life so much more rich and beautiful than I could have imagined. I'm so lucky to have him. We've stood together through some of the hardest parts of life shoulder-to-shoulder. We've traveled through some of the most beautiful parts of life laughing and holding hands.

Anything we've decided to do together we've made it happen and excelled at it.

We moved to Nashville and made downtown our home for a decade. It was an adventure full of tourist, concerts, and cranes. We traveled the United States; visiting California, Colorado, much of the Southern US, and more. We brought his father home from the nursing home in the middle of the pandemic and nursed him back to health. Now we're onto a new adventure. We've moved to a new country, and are living between the beach and the mountains.

Our life together has been full of love and adventure, and I'm so happy we're still going through life side by side.

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