Primošten in October

Primošten is a village on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia between Šibenik (to be explored) and Trogir (see Birthday Week Exploration). In the past the village was located on an islet close to the mainland. During the Turkish invasion in 1542 it was protected by walls and towers and a draw bridge connected it to the mainland. After the Turks retreated the drawbridge was replaced by the causeway that is in place today. In 1564 the settlement was named Primošten after the Hrvaski verb primostiti (to bridge). Primošten is built on a hill. At the top of the hill is the Parish of St. George and a unique graveyard with views of the sea and the surrounding area. 

We visited Primošten on the last Sunday of October and felt like we had the village to ourselves. It has several beautiful statues, historic buildings, and the beautiful Parish of St. George. Around the Old Town Gate there are several lovely statues and a beautiful little park. 

You can walk around the entire village for some of the most beautiful and calming views of the Adriatic sea I think we’ve seen so far. You get cliffs overlooking the sea and then you can walk right beside it. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

Primošten isn’t one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Adriatic coast, but I’m unsure why. It’s absolutely worth a visit, especially if peace is what you’re after. 

Enjoy some peaceful waves around Primošten

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