C & E Playlist | November 2023

November, both the playlist and the experience, had a very clear theme – Italy. We went for two weeks, from the 9th to the 21st. Since the point of these playlists are to document music we hear in the wild (mostly, some are added by algorithm), this has a lot of music we heard in music videos on the TV in Firenze (Florence).

That said, we start with a number of songs from social media (because that counts as “the wild” of our daily experiences). For some seriously catchy tunes, try Partner in Crime by Madilyn Mei, then Chess With The Devil by Ron Mac 11. Later on are some moving tunes: I am not who I was by a Chance Peña and Tiny Riot by Sam Ryder.

There's a couple surprising yet excellent covers. Linkin Park's In The End by Twin (and geez does it make me feel old). And an 80s style synthwave version of Britney's Toxic by Izzy Perri.

In a rare turn off events, there are country songs on this months list – Let It Burn by Shaboozey and Bad Decisions by Don Louis. There is a small but powerful contingency of people of color making country music and we are here for it.

Then comes Italian music. Lots. in particular, I dig I0, ME ED ALTRI GUAI by Rose Villain (great samples), Vorrei ma non posto by J-AX (catchy), and CLASSICO by Articolo 31 (rap with FLOW).

We heard Mercy by The Blessed Madonna several times, despite it not being Italian at all.

There were also two bonus tracks shared with us by Ammi's dad, Barry Embry. Lose Control by Teddy Swims is an absolute banger. And Crying Shame by the Teskey Brothers sounds like it's from another time – an instant classic.

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