For those of you just tuning in, let me tell you about our playlists. Way back in 2017 we visited California for work. It was a big adventure. I (Daniel) heard some music in a work toilet that was really catchy. I thought it sounded so much like California and this time, so I wanted to capture that magic. I started a playlist called 2017 California and we added every song we heard in the wild from that trip. It became something special. It's like an emotional time machine, immediately transporting us back to that great adventure.

The playlist worked so well, we kept it up. Later that year we made "2017 Colorado", then just "2017 Summer" and "2017 Autumn". 2018 had its own set of playlists. By 2019, we realized it didn't have to be about events or seasons, we could have a new playlist each month. Typically it gets seeded from songs we hear in the wild (cab rides, stores, social events, etc). Then we let the recommendation engine add similar songs that fit the vibe. We listen to each playlist so much during that month that it becomes a new time machine every time, taking us back to how a certain era felt.

We had started sharing these playlists with brief write ups before our Big Move™. But you know how things are, you get busy. Especially when you're getting rid of all your worldly possessions to move to another continent. So we stopped sharing back in September of last 2022 in preparation for moving to Croatia in January. By boat. We were a little preoccupied.

So here are the playlists you've missed. They have substantially more Croatia/European songs than before (surprise, surprise). I sort of count these as some of the most consistent journaling we've done - it just happens to be emotional journaling. So join us, listing to our time capsules. And maybe consider making your own.

Packing to Move

October & November 2022

Moving Across the World

December 2022 & January 2023

Living in Old Town Split

February & March 2023

Settling in Mertojak

April & May 2023

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