This playlist is awesome. I think it has the most number of Croatian songs so far. And those songs really resonate with us as "our type of music". That's not to say we haven't enjoyed all the Croatian music on previous playlists, just that these are in familiar styles that really get the toes tapping.

We kick it off with Zima (feat. Nina Kraljić) by Marin Jurić-Čivro. It's a powerful, emotive, dark pop song. Marin rose to fame via The Voice Hrvatska and it's easy to see why. Great song.

Next is Glasine by Filip Dizdar. I can't find as much about Filip but he was born in Zadar. Again, this is a dark pop song with a huge and powerful delivery.

Ta by Tia (I think it's Tia Miljanović). Frka by nipplepeople (yes, this Croatian duo is called nipplepeople and this song absolutely rocks). Šta te radi by Dolores. dok nas nema by Nika Turković. It's all so good.

Yes, there are a few non-Croatian songs on here, but they are not the highlight. Miley dropped a new song (it's good). We watched an old movie from my childhood (Innerspace) so a song from that made it (Will I Ever Understand You by Berlin). One track by Polyphia. These are great songs but this playlist seems to be about finally finding our style of music in Croatia, and it is glorious. Give it a listen.

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