This was our first 4th of July living abroad. We have the holiday off because our US based work teams have the holiday off, and we're staying on their schedules for now. 

We celebrated by taking a much needed actual vacation and practicing the Dalmatian Art of Fjaka. Basically we rested and did nothing for a few days. 

We set up the pups with their wading pool in the garden, because the weekend & holiday was very hot. We cooked and enjoyed some food on our Peka, the Croatian version of grilling out. Daniel has the new Zelda: Tears of Kingdom game and I am playing through Stardew Valley again, so we enjoyed that over the weekend.

We won't have fireworks this year. But after a decade in downtown Nashville, we have plenty of fireworks memories. We won't miss them. 

It was a lovely weekend here in Dalmatia for our little expat family. 

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