One year of traveling

Looking back

Daniel and I are making plans for our 2024 travel and looking back at what an unreal year 2023 has been. It's not easy living in a new country, and it's even harder knowing your time is limited in your current home. But it's an adventure that has been worth the hardships. 

We started this journey by loading most of our belongings in a rented van on December 13, 2022. One year ago today. We spent two weeks traveling from Nashville to New York, we spent two weeks for Christmas and New Years in New York/Brooklyn and a week crossing the Atlantic to arrive in Split in mid January 2023. In March we moved from our AirBnB near the palace to our apartment in Mertojak. In July/August we got our Digital Nomad Residency Permits. 

We've made friends, we've fallen in love with our favorite places, and foods. We've gotten to know our neighbors and the local football team (Go Hajduk). 

We don't know what's next after this adventure ends next summer. But we know we'll be together and stronger for our experiences in Dalmatia. 

What an adventure it's been!

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