October Wrap-Up

Since our last update there has been one weekend we were down. We had Jugo headaches and Daniel had a grease burn from making a roux for a black eyed peas and sausage soup he made. So we took a weekend and just rested at home. The soup was delicious. Our dog park friends helped with his burns by introducing us to Zorina mast. Zorina mast is made of olive oil, elderberry, st. john's wort, and beeswax. It is a local product known for its effectiveness on burns and other skin issues. It is handmade from a family recipe passed down through generations. 

We explored another section of Marjan Park and visited three of its historic churches (read more about it with the link below). We went back to the river Žrnovnica for a walk. Cirrus loves rivers. And we made a trip to Primošten (read about it in the link below).

We had a video visit with Jason and Meagan on the weekend we've traditionally visited them in October. And we had a visit with the Mullinex fam. Our video visits with friends and family back home are always great and raise our spirits.

We have started intermittent fasting. I (Ammi) am doing 14-18 hour daily fast and Daniel is doing a 12 -14 hour daily fast. I have already lost 5 cm off my waist and Daniel (who is not measuring) has moved back into shirts that were too tight just a month ago. We’re also drinking more water and doing a daily 30-45 second plank. We are feeling much better and all of our health tracking devices show improvements (Fitbits, blood pressure cuff, EKG Kardia reader, and Oxygen meter). I’ve never had to diet because my stomach issues with food in the US always kept me unable to eat or sick to my stomach a lot of the time. Here I can eat anything I want and it shows. I tried to limit my calories for about a month. That wasn’t doing anything for me but this is easy and I feel better than I did before. I’m very grateful it’s working so well. 

We’ve donated to Doctors Without Borders for their work in war zones and we’ve donated to Ammi’s hometown mission for their Holiday Meal Drive. We encourage everyone to volunteer or donate to causes that help real people. The world is a sad, crazy place right now and we should be the helpers that Mr. Rogers told us as kids to look for. 

We have changed the way the website sends out emails. If you’ve signed up for our emails, they now go out once a month on the 15th and contain every post from that month. This makes it so we can post throughout the month without sending too many emails to all our followers. If  you would like to sign up for our monthly email newsletters so you don’t miss any updates, you can do so here.

Since our last update we’ve joined a service called Proton for our email. Proton is an end-to-end encrypted email out of Switzerland that focuses on its users' privacy. Our new emails are:

  • Ammi at Carter Embry dot com
  • Daniel at Carter Embry dot com
  • Magnus at Carter Embry dot com
  • Cirrus at Carter Embry dot com

Please update your address book to reflect our new addresses. We still have our gmails, but they will be mostly used for junk type mail and not checked as regularly. 

We are planning a two-week vacation to Italy in November. We will be meeting friends from Tennessee in Montecatini Terme for half, and spending the second half in Florence. The McFluffington pups will be joining us and we have dog sitters scheduled for a few days so we can explore places they cannot go. We are very excited about all the architecture, museums, and food we’re going to enjoy while there. We’re also looking forward to over two weeks not working. 

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