Since we got the long term rental car at the end of September we’ve been exploring the areas in and around Split with gusto. The first weekend of October we went to Marjan Park and Žrnovnica River Promenade. The second weekend of October we had a 4 day weekend and we went back to the neighborhood dog beach, Radmanove Mlinice, and Krka National Park. Since we are doing so many things we’re going to start blogging a little different. We’ll have a post like this one with everything we’ve done, but each location we explore will have its own post. This way the amount of photos and information won’t be overwhelming. They will all be posted at the same time, so everyone still gets a single email so it doesn’t feel like spam. 

Since our last update we have been adopted by one of the neighborhood cats and she/he hangs out in our yard during the day pretty often. We’ve named it Drama and gotten it some cat food and catnip. Why have we named it Drama you might be wondering… you wouldn’t need to wonder if you heard the commotion Drama’s presence in the yard causes Magnus and Cirrus. You would think we were having a break in, with how much barking and whining Drama brings. 

We had a nice video chat with our buddies the Mullinexes before the smallest of that group had Fall Break and had a week of cooking classes. They mentioned he would be making chili one day and that sounded amazing, so Daniel made us chili too. Thursday he went to the supermarket and got smoked sausages and buns so we could have the most amazing chili cheese dogs. You can take the southerner out of the south, but you can’t take away chili dogs - we will find a way.

We set up the projector and enjoyed a few shows, and the aforementioned video chat on the big screen. That’s been fun. Work has been busy, my (Ammi) company got a new state association, and that means building a new website which has kept me busy. Daniel just finished a major project at his work and while the phone application parts of his team finish their parts he’s been working on tech debt. It’s not always fun but it’s important and time consuming. 

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