November Wrap Up

There wasn't much left of November by the time we arrived home from our Italy trip. Especially when you factor in needing to unpack, wash two weeks of laundry, catch up on work, and have Thanksgiving. 

We arrived home with very little sleep from the ferry ride on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Daniel headed to the grocery store and bought everything we needed for turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. And I opened up the house (made the bed, turned the water heater back on, got the heat on, etc). 

Our first walk with the boys we noticed a large delivery of things to our neighborhood park. Turns out they have ice skating and a little Christmas village set up for the holidays every year. It's very cute. 

Thursday (Thanksgiving) Daniel made us a delicious Thanksgiving meal and I started laundry. Laundry took forever because it's the rainy season and we don't have a dryer, so I could only wash what would fit on our inside drying rack at a time. It took days to finally catch up. 

Thanksgiving we had a nice video chat with the Embry’s and got to catch up. Daniel had a nice long phone call with his brother and we texted with some other family and friends. It was nice to talk to so many people from home. 

Our orange and lemon trees were full of fruit when we arrived home. The lemons aren't quite ripe, but we've been enjoying the best oranges we've ever had. 

Friday we rested (and continued to do laundry). Monday we were back to work and playing catch-up after 2-weeks off. 

November ended cold and rainy here so it was mostly spent inside. After our Italian adventure, that was kind of nice. 


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