I'm so lucky that I get to explore the world with this man. I get to celebrate him every day, not just his birthday. Today I get to celebrate him publicly.

Daniel has been in my life since 2005. He was first my best friend, then my roommate, my boyfriend, and now my husband. In 18 years I've watched him grow so much. He was always a good man, but now he's so much more.

Daniel is a musician and an artist. He's a Javascript genius. The way his brain works is a wonder to behold. He's a wonderful adventure partner, ready for any crazy idea I come up with. He makes my stress melt away, and the drudgery of life feel joyful.

Daniel is kind and nice (two very different things). He's gentle and strong. He's silly but can be serious.

Daniel is the best puppy parent ever. Magnus and Cirrus think he hung the moon. He's always down for a wrestle or a cuddle. He loves long walks to explore, maybe more than they do. It's not just them. He's a favorite to all the dogs at the dog park. All the regular park puppies come for his good pets.

Daniel has a noble idea of justice. He advocates for what he feels is right, even if it's difficult. He stands up for himself in the face of challenging circumstances. He is a caretaker for those he loves. He will sacrifice to make sure his people are safe and content. He carries bugs (mosquitos not included) outside instead of killing them.

Daniel is a romantic, and I'm so lucky he chose me.

Happy 41st birthday to my favorite person. I'm so lucky to have known you for 43% of your life, and to been by your side for a ⅓ of it. I can't wait for the next 100 years together.

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