Happy 3rd Birthday Cirrus

I cannot believe the baby of our family is three. I cannot remember life without him, but it seems like just yesterday he fit in my pocket. Cirrus is full of life and is loved by everyone he meets from other puppies to every person he encounters. He's our little extrovert.

When we brought him home we expected another Magnus, and we absolutely did not get that. We got Cirrus, just as sweet, looks just like his big brother, but an entirely different personality.

He's a handful for a family of introverts, but we're so lucky to have him in our lives. He brightens every day.

He's an accomplished traveler, he's been to 5 US states and 8 countries. He's crossed the Atlantic and the Adriatic. He's lived in two countries in his three short years.

Happy Birthday to our Cirrus. He's a joy.

To celebrate, we went to his favorite place in Split, River Žrnovnica. The river was up today, but just as beautiful as ever. He got to play in some water and met lots of pups. He's a happy birthday boy.

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