Happy 11th Birthday Sir Magnus McFluffington. Magnus is our best friend. He's our pal. He's our homeboy, our rotten soldier, our sweet cheese, our good time boy.

He's lived with us in four homes, in two countries. He was born in Ohio, lived downtown Nashville for most of his life, and now has an EU pet passport.

He's been on every adventure possible with us. He's suffered through camping (he hates camping), long drives, protest, festivals, and a trek across the world. Mostly with a smile on his face (not camping). He was a CMA Fest star in downtown Nashville, and the loudest barker in the Nashville suburbs. He's been spoiled on the Queen Mary 2 for a transatlantic crossing and he's made friends with all the ladies and their dogs at a Croatian dog park (he seems to speak much better Hrvatski than we do). He loves his little brother, even when he's annoying and protects him from other dogs when needed (he's on his own with cats & kids).

I could not imagine life without him and I barely remember life before him. He's the best puppy we could have asked for and I'm so glad he's ours. Here's to many more years with him by our side.

- Edited 12ish hours later -

It was a good birthday for our Magnus. We went to the mall this morning and he picked out two toys and two treats. He got fresh ground beef and carrots for dinner. And there were lots of puppies to play with at the dog park this evening.

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