First of November 2023

The first week of November was preparing for our Italy trip that started on the 8th. Before the end of October I used all our laundry detergent, but on the 31st the pups had a vaccine appointment for kennel cough so we thought we'd stop by the store on November 1st. What we failed to realize is November 1st is All Saints Day, a national holiday - and everything is closed. So we lost a sunny day for laundry, which is unfortunate because it's the rainy season and we don't have a dryer. You live and you learn. Everything turned out okay. We got detergent the following day and did laundry a day later than planned. No big deal. 

We got vaccinated at the first of November. We got COVID boosters and flu shots. We went to the NZJZ (like a health department) and the hardest part was parking. Our vaccines were free and the nurse giving them was a pro. It was so quick and easy. There wasn't a line, but there was someone waiting there 10 minutes before us and several people who came in after us for their shots. It was windy, gloomy weather that day, so we thought it was a good turnout for the weather. They are giving vaccines Monday - Friday, so I hope they have a good turnout every day. The vaccines hit Daniel harder than me this time. My arms were sore but I felt okay. Daniel felt under the weather.

Magnus and Cirrus had already gotten their rabies shots for their EU Pet Passport at their regular vet. We got their kennel cough vaccine a few days earlier. Magnus did great, and Cirrus had to have someone hold him down. Matches their personalities perfectly. 

The first weekend of November we spent resting and preparing for our upcoming trip. We checked which suitcases would fit in the car and started packing. The Monday before our trip was spent shopping for the last minute things we realized we needed for our trip. Tuesday was finalizing our packing. Wednesday, the day we were leaving, we went downtown and picked up our tickets for the ferry (we pre-bought but you pick up actual tickets the day of) and explored downtown and Diocletian's Palace for a few hours where we had an AMAZING lunch. Then we headed home, put the last of our things in the suitcases, and boarded the ferry for the overnight crossing. 

Check out our post about exploring the Tuscany countryside for the first half of our Italian adventure, and watch for our Florence adventures for the rest of our Italian adventure after Thanksgiving (November 25th-ish). 


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