First Fortnight in Split

We arrived in Split in the morning by ferry. The first views of the city were absolutely stunning. It was nearly impossible to believe that we would be living in this place that looked straight out of a fantasy novel for a year. 

For our first three months here we have an AirBnB apartment across the street from Diocletian's Palace. When we arrived about two hours earlier than we expected we were afraid our host wouldn't be available to let us in. But we messaged him and he said he would meet us outside. So we disembarked and started walking towards our new home. 

Our host name is Drazen. He's very kind and so very helpful. He showed us to our little apartment and how to work everything needed. 

Our luggage had arrived a few days before us, and Drazen had moved it in for us. So we started to get settled as soon as we arrived. We unpacked all the suitcases and put things away. We set up dog beds and got a few toys out, so the pups would feel at home when they arrived. 

Then we headed out to see the neighborhood. We got breakfast and lunch at the bakeries next door, which we have done regularly since arriving. We did some shopping for supplies we had run off on the road, or needed in the apartment at the Bipa and Euromix next door and did some grocery shopping at the Studenac. All of the shops were on the same block as we are. It was very convenient. 

The pups arrived around one, right as it started a torrential downpour. Very unfortunate timing. We got the pups as settled as possible without being able to walk in the downpour. We were all very happy to be reunited. 

The following day we went back to work, and after more than a month traveling, had a lot of work to catch up on. We're working USish hours, which puts us on a second-shift type schedule. We start working around lunch time and finish up later in the evenings. 

That leaves our mornings to ourselves. We have breakfast from the bakeries downstairs (there are two on the block, one has better sweets and the other better savories). We (if it's chilly, just Daniel) walks the pups between 2,000 and 5,000 steps after breakfast (unless we sleep in, then they walk before breakfast). Before we start work we feed the dogs again, have our own lunch, and take another walk. Sometimes we walk to the pet store or the DM for supplies. 

In the evening we break for dinner and take the pups on their 3rd walk of the day. Depending on how much they've walked earlier in the day this walk varies in length. The pups are getting between 7,000 and 12,000 steps a day. After this walk Magnus uses his therapeutic Loop on his legs and every few days gets his PT massage. If the walks have been short that day, sometimes they get a 4th walk right before we go to bed.

We've only had a few issues. The apartment doesn't have washcloths. And none of the stores near here sell them. So we've had to trek and ask the expat Facebook group where to find them. The toilet clogged and Daniel walked a mile trying to find one. We finally asked Drazen and he had one and fixed the problem immediately.

We're excited for it to get warmer, it's 45° to 55° every day, so it's not freezing. But a temperature that if you don't wear a coat you might be cold, but if you do you'll end up hot. We've had more rainy days than they usually get here, but that seems to be passing. 

Daniel had learned several phrases in Hrvatski "I'm sorry, I don't speak Hrvatski. English?", "Excuse me", "Yes", "No", "Please", and "Thank you". I've been trying, but it absolutely does not stick for me at all. I can say "Yes" and "No", but that's about it. I'm still trying though. 

Every corner we turn around we find something else surprisingly beautiful. Everything is walkable and bikeable. The people are kind and friendly. 

In a couple of months we'll apply for our digital nomad visa and then we'll have a full year here in this beautiful city. We plan on starting our search for a permanent apartment on the first of March, and are excited about that. We probably won't stay in the same neighborhood, because we don't really want to be in the middle of the tourist season in the busiest part of town  

We have not regretted our decision to spend a year in Split so far. It's an amazing city and we're so happy to be here. 

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