Croatian Residency Permit Update

As we've mentioned before, MUP is behind on processing residency permits. Which is perfectly acceptable as they've had an influx of more of us coming and new regulations due to joining Schengen on January 1, 2023. We got word this week that our application process has started. We started our paperwork in April, so it's taken about 2 months for the process to start. We hope it goes smoothly and we are approved for our permit without any issues. But we have the wonderful Lucija at Expat in Croatia to help us if any issues do arise. We're confident that at the end of the process we will have our year living as Croatian residents approved. We really love it here and are thankful we have been able to stay in the country while the permits have been in process. The application process could still take several months, but that just means we get to stay in Croatia additional time and that's good news.

Once our permit is approved we can freely travel around the EU. We're especially excited about visiting Spain, Germany, and Italy. We plan on visiting Italy via ferry for short visits to enjoy the amazing food we had for a few days in January, the Black Forest in Germany to see where my (Ammi's) maternal family came from, and the Valencia region of Spain - which we hope is our next stop on this Digital Nomad journey. 

While we celebrate our permit being in process, I hope you enjoy photos from the last few weeks in Split. It's been a hot few weeks but we've made the best of it. Lots of walks after dark, an attempt to enjoy the beach (too hot), a wading pool and cool mats for the boys, and lots of time inside with the air running. 

Our First Peka Experience

We used our Peka & new Peka Bell for the first time. Peka is a traditional way of cooking in Dalmatia. We were lucky enough to have a Peka in our garden and Lucija was kind enough to find us a craftsman that makes Peka Bells. We were very excited to try our first Peka meal and was absolutely as amazing as it looked!

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