C & E Playlist | October 2023

We start the October playlist this year with a fun little pop bop called W.I.T.C.H. by Devon Cole. Apt. It's catchy and the lyrics are fun and creative.

The real story of this month is that we discovered YouTube Music has VEVO-style playlists of the top 100 songs and music videos from around the world. Turns out the Spanish-speaking rap game is STRONG, regardless of the country of origin.

From Mexico, Lefty SM's song Por Mi México is an absolute banger. I was sad to discover Lefty was killed in September. He performed wrapped in the Mexican flag and you can hear it in this song.

From Argentina, Milo J (who is only 17!) has great flow. His collab with BZRP called Music Sessions, Vol. 57 is popular for a reason.

Speaking of BZRP (Bizarrap), they have 3 separate collabs on here. Snow Tha Product also has amazing flow.

Doja Cat also popped up on this list. If you're on social media you've probably already heard Paint The Town Red. It is very catchy and gets stuck in my head.

The playlist finishes with a moving collab between Dax and Darius Rucker (that's right, Hootie). It's great, if not a bit tonally different than the rest.

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