A Break in the UK

We needed some down time after we disembarked from the Queen Mary 2. So we got a hotel minutes from the port to spend a few nights in. We started in Room2 in Southampton and it was an adorable hotel with a hipster vibe. We had an amazing suite in my favorite color. The pups loved having a couch to watch out the window at the world passing by. 

It was a perfect location for us because it has a lovely park across the street called Queens Park. It was an absolutely beautiful neighborhood, with historic buildings, local restaurants, and views of the harbor. 

We had hoped our land legs would return while we rested there, but they didn't return until we'd been in Split for a week. I think we'll always plan for 4-7 days rest somewhere close to disembarkment in the future. I couldn't imagine having to push on after crossing the Atlantic. 

I discovered Taco Bells crunch wrap supreme does not contain soy in the UK. I haven't had Taco Bell in at least seven years. I'm only slightly embarrassed how many times I ate it in Southampton. It was at least four, and I don't regret it at all. The quality was like US Taco Bell in 1998. 

We didn't get to rest as much as we'd hoped. Being Americans we didn't consider customs for moving our luggage from the United Kingdom into the European Union (Brexit sucks). I'm going to share a post covering customs and transporting the puppies so that anyone planning on moving can learn from what we did right, and what we didn't. 

On our last day in Southampton the boys were picked up for their journey and we headed to the hotel at the Heathrow airport for the next leg of our journey, flying to Ancona Italy. We flew out at 6:30am, had a layover in Munich, Germany, and arrived in Ancona in time for a late lunch.

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