Moving to Valencia | The Visa – Part 2

We knew that this wouldn't be as easy as it seemed like it would be in February when we spoke to the immigration attorney. It all just seemed too easy, and it was. 

The Non Lucrative Visa. In February we were told we could get this visa and continue working jobs in the USA. Last week we found out that this requires a 1-3 month sabbatical from work. Daniel's company allows sabbaticals, but only after 4 years, he's been at this job for two. I also cannot take a sabbatical for at least another year with where my companies are currently. So for now, that option is out. 

This brings us back to the Golden Visa, which we also just found out that we can't have a mortgage for that Visa, we have to have the full amount up front. This means we can't get the Golden Visa until the condo sale closes, in April 2023. We're also keeping our fingers crossed that the real estate market stays strong until then so the house sale goes as well as we need it to. We are trying to decide if we should keep the house, or close the sale before the end of the year. Luckily with the sale of the house and the sale of the condo, we should have enough for real estate valued at the Golden Visa price. If we get to the end of 2022 and we find that we won’t have enough from the sale of the two properties, we’ve found a third possibility. 

The Entrepreneur Visa. This one is very difficult to get from all accounts, but we’re hopeful with my companies that this might be a possibility for us. 

If we get rejected for the Entrepreneur Visa we’ll go into super saver mode and hopefully have the needed money before the end of 2023. 

We’re very excited to start this next stage of life, and we are very disappointed that the options for starting the new adventure this year are quickly dwindling. We’re both confident that our move will happen as soon as it’s supposed to. Fingers crossed that it’s faster than it currently looks. 

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