Split, Here We Come

Our plans for 2023 seem to be finally coming together, and we are excited and relieved.

Getting into Spain on the original Visa we had planned was going to be impossible. So we had to decide whether to wait, or make alternate plans. Seeing more of Europe is what we decided. We researched spending a year in Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia. They were all in the Mediterranean, and they all had good options for resident permits, and cities with good internet connection with English speaking populations.

Damn, so much to think about and try to navigate on our own. It was so overwhelming.

Then we found the website, ExpatInCroatia.com. I don't think through all my years of research about this adventure I have come across such a helpful and complete resources on moving to any country.

I started devouring articles on Expat in Croatia, about the digital residential permit, pets in Croatia, and so many more. I also realized that several articles I had read when doing initial research, had been at this same site. I had Daniel read a few of the articles and we agreed, we needed to set up a consultation.

We had our first consultation last week, and we started the processes we need to complete before we leave so we will have everything we need for the permit. This week we had a consult with a tax expert in Split to make sure that we understood all the implications of being residents. Next week we will have a consult with an apartment specialist. Expat in Croatia has facilitated all of this for us.

I feel like with this Croatia move, we have someone on our side who is guiding us. That's made it feel so much more relaxed than anything else has so far. There is a lot to do in a little amount of time, but with Expat in Croatia on our side we feel like this is going to be a great experience.

We have our FBI Background check (no crimes, yeah us). We have a plan to get our marriage certificate. Then we are just about ready on that side of things. Magnus has one more shot since we lost one rabies record when he was 3 and we can't get through the EU without it.

We are now working on planning the trip from Nashville to New York. We're packing up our house, some for storage to ship to us later, and the rest to sell and donate. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure how much we'll be able to keep up the blog while we do it. But I'll be aiming for monthly updates on the move at the least.

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