Digital Nomads 2023

Well we’re still planning and things change almost daily. We do think we have a plan - but we have a few more Zoom meetings to make sure it will work before the decision is final. 

Why are our plans changing? Croatia is joining Schengen on January 1, 2023. So our plans of bouncing between EU Schengen and EU non-Schengen countries aren't going to play out the way we hoped with Croatia joining Schengen before our arrival. 

Luckily we have two new options that we can look into. The digital nomad visa that just opened in Portugal and the Digital Nomad Residential Permit in Croatia. The Portugal Visa is literally brand new (it starts October 30, 2022). We have decided to go where we can find expertise in the process, and that’s Croatia. We’re working with an amazing service in Croatia to help us with all the ins and outs - Expat in Croatia. She is an American who has been in Croatia for over a decade, and she made us so comfortable and excited during our first Zoom meeting. 

We have one more meeting to schedule with a tax expert in Croatia, then we will start making solid plans on where to stay. Because of slow processing and our time limits, we have applied for a background check from the FBI, and next week we will be starting the process to Apostilles our Marriage Certificate with the state of Tennessee. 

We will be able to stay in Croatia for 76 days as tourists before applying for our Residential Permits. Making a full 15 month stay possible. We have decided to stay in the historic Split Croatia for the history, parks, and sea. 

We’re excited about this first year of our adventure while we get our ducks in a row for Spain in 2024. 


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