Closing a chapter in your life is always painful and for me memories around closing of chapters always stay vivid in my mind. They are at least as vivid as the memories of the new chapters. But that’s only true when you know the chapter is closing. 

Graduations, Divorces, Moves, etc. Not including marriage, I don’t feel a marriage is closing any doors, those were closed when the relationship started.  

I’m holding onto the best of this closing chapter. The last of our time in Nashville, maybe the last of our time living full time in the US. The last time for a while with a place to call home, a place that’s settled. It’s goodbye to much of our collections, my books will be paired back, they are too heavy, only the precious ones will come. None of our DVD’s will come as they won’t necessarily work in Europe. We are saying see you soon to so many precious friends and family, and that’s so hard. We have such a wonderful support system here. I know at least a few are planning trips to visit us when we’ve settled - and I already cannot wait. 

I talked to my therapist about this earlier this year and she told me to prepare to mourn what we’re leaving while we celebrate the new life we’re walking towards. That statement has proven so very true. This house has been in mourning since May, but now we are also mourning a life we’re leaving. A life that we have loved with people that we love for something we know very little about. And we are scared and we are excited. And we are sad and we are happy. 

We are so lucky that we have one another. We are each others rock. We’ll go on this adventure, and we will make friends all over the world. We will have a new life that we will love, with people we will love. And I can’t wait. 

And I am terrified. 

Less than 90 days left...

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