This playlist starts with and is largely dominated by a band I’ve newly discovered called Nothing But Thieves.

It’s amazing to see folks younger than myself writing new hard rock that hearkens back to rock that is older than me. Young’uns like this are keeping it alive and I love it. They often channel the style and spirit of some of my own favorites.

Their song “Life’s Coming In Slow” sounds so much like Queens Of The Stone age that I often get confused. But then “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” has a JTim feel to the chorus. Then they almost perfectly channel RATM into “Can You Afford To Be An Individual?”. Wait, that’s a spoiler for the September playlist. I suspect they’ll be on upcoming playlists for a while.

What else? Oh man “Achilles Come Down” by Gang of Youths. What a beautiful song, I mean just a masterpiece. It’s raw and stripped down, is that a cello? Wait, string quartet? IDK. I find myself singing/humming this one pretty frequently.

You know what I never thought I would say? I love that Justin Bieber song, “Ghost”. Oh man. That kid went a totally different direction than I would have believed. Great tune but don’t let it hit you when you’re grieving. Who needs that shit.

Lastly, I want to shout out “Run Away to Mars” by TALK. This song is powerful and lovely and I find it very interesting that the singer does not have a typical rockstar/popstar look. I love it. Real humans have talent, too. To risk sounding like an old man (I just turned a youthful 40, tyvm), the kids these days on the whole seem to be better than us. They’re kinder than we were at their age. They’re more understanding. They support each other better. Of course, this isn’t universal, but it’s a vibe I get from some of the great kids whose parents we associate with. They don’t care so much if the singer looks like Ariana Grande/Harry Styles or not. If it’s a good jam, it’s a good jam. Finally.

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