Spring Sprung

We've had a wonderful busy spring. Everyone has been getting vaccinated. Cirrus has one more booster round and then the entire house will be vaccinated and we're celebrating. We've been training up Cirrus and getting the house ready for spring. It's a lot of mowing. We had a beautiful raised garden installed, it's so easy to work in the garden and the steepest part of the hill is now my favorite.

We made a visit to Cheekwood for Ammi's birthday to see the daffodils and had cookies made from an amazing local baker.

We had a quiet Easter. Magnus and Cirrus hunted boiled egg bits in bowls. We had a nice lunch in the yard and toasted Peeps to make sugar cookie s'mores.

Cheekwood had their first puppy event of the year, Dogs and Dogwoods. Magnus and Cirrus had an amazing time and enjoyed exploring the gardens.

This spring Daniel (and sometimes Ammi) have been exploring bike trails in the new neighborhood. There is some beautiful biking in South Nashville. The pups have also been exploring the walking trails at in the new neighborhood when they aren't wrestling in the backyard.

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