New Years in London

Our trip to London and Hyderabad already feels like a far away dream. I suffered with a fever/sinus thing that didn't help the unreal feeling of our adventure when we landed at home.
London was a beautiful city.
We rang in the new year kissing on the London Bridge over the River Thames. We slept almost all day New Years Day because Jet Lag is confusing. We left the hotel to wander London around 2pm, and it was about dusk. It was then dusk until well into the evening. It was a lovely chilly way to explore the city. 
We had planned on walking to the tour bus stop and riding it around. By the time we found it we realized that it was too late in the day and was going to stop running in an hour. We decided to walk and see what we could. 
We found ourselves in the City of London. I have watched a few documentaries on the City of London and told Daniel I was happy if this was all we saw. 
We kept walking, we made it back to the Thames this time at Blackfriar Bridge. This put us very close to the Eye of London, or so we thought.
The lines were fairly long, so we didn't ride the eye. They were having a winter fair by the Eye of London and it was busy, but it was like a fancy county fair. We enjoyed an amazing street musician under the Golden Jubilee Bridges.
We crossed the Westminster Bridge to see Big Ben under construction. We also saw The Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey.  I asked Daniel to take my photo with two tall hatted police officers. They are adorable hats.
We checked the map and realized we were just "a few blocks" from Buckingham Palace so we walked there too. All the roads were still closed from last night's events so it was nice and car-free. 
We saw some people kissing in an alley and had a laugh about getting to see "snogging". We also saw a fist fight between grown men in the street. So the people watching was amazing, to say the least. I do wish more shops and pubs had been opened. We could not find soy free fish and chips and window shopping was amazing, but a little unfulfilling.


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