Our Wedding | Hers

I have no idea how I slept April 30th. I do know that I woke up before it was light out and tried to relax myself. I was out of bed and started puttering around the house by 6. Veronica and her boyfriend Casey had stayed in our guest bedroom so that they would be there as soon as all the action started. Magnus and I were as quiet as possible to let everyone get the last few minutes of peace we would have for hours and hours. While Magnus and I cuddled on the beanbag, I had some Canada Dry and thought about what the day would be like and the road we had taken to get there. Soon Daniel, Veronica, and Casey were up and our day started. I showered, and realized I had not planned what I would wear while we all got ready… oops. Luckily I had just bought a cute “Let’s stay up all night” tank top and some cute pajama shorts for wearing at the beach on the honeymoon, so I wore that.

Daniel and Casey converted the guest bedroom to a little living room for the gents. They had classic video games and Xbox along with what we thought would be enough seating. They excused themselves to that room for most of the rest of the day.

Melissa and the bridesmaids started arriving for makeup and hair shortly after. We converted our great room into the bride's suite, as it has the largest mirror in the house. Melissa of Luli Pash came to give all us ladies gorgeous vintage hair and makeup. The ladies and I had already been to see Luli Pash for our nails and prep work the day before.

Daniel and I didn’t worry about not seeing each other until we were dressed, so we all hung out and enjoyed each other's company until it was time to get dressed. Then our friends who were not in the bridal party helped make sure Daniel and I didn’t accidentally catch a glimpse at each other.


Finally everyone was ready and Daniel and I headed out in separate cars with Veronica and Casey to our “first look” shoot. For our first shoot we decided to look out over the city from Rolling Mill Hill, by our first Nashville apartment. Seeing Daniel there, in his perfectly him clothes and fresh hair, with the city we’ve called our home for so long behind him - it took my breath away. He looked so comfortable, so himself, so happy. I took a few moments to be thankful that I am the one that gets the privilege of giving him that look.

As we were leaving some of the new people living in the old apartment buildings commented on how nice we looked and wished us well. We all headed to the park where everyone was waiting for the ceremony. Daniel and I got to ride together and have a few more minutes of privacy.

Once we arrived it was all hugs and well wishes from our friends and family that had already arrived. We took wedding party and family photos (don’t you always wish you had gotten a few more) and then we all went and got in place. And then it started raining. Luckily there are small covered spaces that were big enough for the bridal party to hide under, and most of our guest had brought or were sharing umbrellas. Some of my favorite photos came from hiding from the rain with our bridal party, my dad, Veronica, Casey, and Ryan.

Little did we know, during this rain our videographers sound board shorted out, and we didn’t get any sound recorded.

Right at six when the ceremony was scheduled to start, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Everyone got in place, the music started, and I took one big breath. And that’s pretty much the last thing I remember for the entire day except for pure radiant joy.

Daniel whispering his secret vow into my ear and mine in his.

Reading my vows to Daniel from my bouquet.

Looking at my bouquet to keep from crying.

That kiss…

Sheri arriving safely with the most amazing spread of food there ever was.

The cake almost not having strawberries.

Feeling like I was floating while taking the last few photos.

Our nephew Jake driving me home so Daniel could get a few more flowers in the car (and I really needed to be home right then).

Daniel arriving home with Veronica, Casey, and a billion flowers in tow.

While Veronica & Casey packed up, making her get the camera back out to take a photo of Daniel’s wedding ring while he played guitar (another one of my favorite photos).

Planting the herbs from the restaurant flowers on our porch, and cutting some to take for spaghetti at the beach house.

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